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Outrankthem is comprised of a team of experienced internet marketers, Call us on 08068354455.

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PPC Campaigns

Running a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign relies on careful control of many variables. . .

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Social Media Services

Our social media services are designed in such a way that your company will be able to engage your current or potential customers in a two-way conversation via social media channels..

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Local SEO

Local businesses are coming up almost everyday. In your area, there are business owners looking for ways to increase their success, and so should you. . .

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Return On Investment

We understand that your business must be profitable. So every kobo you spend will definitely pay off. We tailor our campaigns to each customer and their demands. We assure you off long term, positive results.

Monthly Reports

We keep you up to date with your campaigns. This report contains updates to your site, our work so far on your project and the results we have gotten. We also inform you of any changes that have been made industry and if it affects your properties.

Super Customer Service

The heart of our company is customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 Email Support. Our phone supports are available from 9am – 5pm on business days. We also have an emergency ticket centre, incase you need to reach of us fast.

Quality Service

Whether you have a web design job or a search engine ranking project, we make sure we provide our customers, quality service. No matter how big or small the project is, we take nothing for granted.

What We Do

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Webdesign
  • Translation

Where online competition is fierce and your business is the underdog, ranking high requires something more than the usual, questionable, cookie-cutter SEO services that have oversaturated the market. Spending your money on low-cost, low quality SEO just isn’t going to bring you the type of results needed. In fact, about the only position that approach can bring you is one on Google’s bad side.

Instead, we offer the type of SEO for your business that’s highly effective at propelling you ahead of the competition, no matter how much traffic they’re getting from the search engines, or where they’re ranking.

Maybe the results we claim to bring seem boastful or too good to be true, but we have the proven track record to back-up our words. The question isn’t whether or not we can help your business website rank higher, but how long it will take – and that depends on a number of factors, such as the strength of your competitors, your target keywords, the condition of your website, and your budget.

Keep in mind, due to the power and effectiveness of our rock solid SEO strategies, we don’t work with just anybody. You want to know if we’re the right digital marketing agency in South Africa and we take the time to make sure you’re the right fit for us.

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Running a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign relies on careful control of many variables. While it can be possible to run a small scale PPC campaign on your own, once your business experiences even a small amount of growth, you may need the services offered by a company that provides PPC Management for Small Business. These providers know a great deal about the ins and outs of campaign management and can help your business succeed.

Keyword Research

When you contract with an agency for PPC Management for Small Business, the skilled professionals there can perform careful keyword research to help you identify trends in your niche. This research allows you to see what your potential clients are searching for, so that you can provide it for them. One of the best ways to earn money in the online world is to provide searchers with precisely what they’re looking for, precisely when they need it. Skilled keyword researchers will provide you with the tools and information you need so that your business can do precisely that.

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Local businesses are coming up almost everyday. In your area, there are business owners looking for ways to increase their success, and so should you. The Internet is where your people are. The Internet is where all of your potential customers are looking for businesses like you. The key is to be more visible online. Countless businesses are forgetting to target any of their customers online because they forget how powerful the Internet really is, and it’s all about properly marketing and getting the advertising to gain more customers online.

It has been estimated by Google countless times that 97% of all consumers search for businesses online, and that number is constantly growing since almost everybody does a quick Google search before buying anything. With Amazon showing people the power of reviews, people are also looking out for reviews.

The key in the world of having a business is to know about marketing and to lead your business to a higher level of visibility within the Internet. This is why doing a lot of SEO and working on your business citations can help a lot for getting seen a bit more. SEO is tough to do on your own, and building your list of citations is also not easy to keep up with. Our team is filled with professionals who know about SEO and citations, along with getting business owners like you the visibility that you need.

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At some point, your small business is going to suffer from a reputation attack. No matter how hard to try to provide the best in customer service or how excellent your product is, someone is bound to share a horrible review slandering your product and bht business behind it.

This attack isn’t easy to see and when you come across this attack, your initial reaction may be one of helplessness. However, in reality, there are a way ways to prevent this attack from having a negative effect. Try one of these approaches to defend your online reputation, while remembering that your ultimate defense is going to be having a trusted expert monitoring and preventing these online attacks.

Our social media services are designed in such a way that your company will be able to engage your current or potential customers in a two-way conversation via social media channels. You will be able to know what your target markets are saying about your products or services, the areas where people get involved with your services and products, and the things you have to do in order to increase your digital market share.

We will teach you how to take advantage of the social media revolution and the best way to drive visitors to your virtual properties by means of social media audit, custom-built social media strategies and competitive analysis.

Social Media? What is that all about?

Social media is a set of tools that will allow you to share, create and exchange information, ideas and many other things through virtual communities.

Launching a web presence and effectively promoting your website to clients in South Africa may prove to be an arduous task. This is due to the fact that with explosion of several website design companies in the country that provide cheap template designs, getting a webmaster in the West Africa nation who is highly skilled in web design, programming and advertising is virtually impossible.

Paramount Web provides web design in South Africa for clients across the country. Regardless of where you are coming from, or where your business is located, be it Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Lagos, Owerri among others, we are able to help your business thrive online, while at the same time you enjoy the benefits of Return on Investment (ROI).

We custom build your website layout that’s particularly designed for your requirements. When you’re a small business looking forward to establish your web presence, or yours is a large business looking to improve your search engine placement, you can trust Webcore because they have a solution for you.


Our professional and experienced team will ask you the right questions to make your web design in South Africa painless and an exciting experience. There’s nothing you are waiting for. You should get your great website started today!

Do You Need medical documents translated from Yoruba, Ibo, Tiv or Hausa to English? How about a technical conference for 2,500 with Mandarin Chinese into Ibo and Dutch? No matter how obscure, we always deliver a linguist that works in the language combination and specific field knowledge you need.

Our translation agency handles dozens of brochures, marketing material, press releases, legal documents, product labels, bids, proposals, technical files, medical consultations, maintenance manuals, company reports, military tactical training materials, websites and much more.

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  • South Africa has an estimated 521 catalogued languages
  • Major languages spoken in South Africa are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Ibibio, and Kanuri
  • Most ethnic groups in this region prefer to speak in their own dialects
  • English is also an official language in South Africa

The number of languages currently estimated and cataloged in South Africa is 522. This number includes 510 living languages, two second languages without native speakers and 9 extinct languages.

In some areas of South Africa, ethnic groups speak more than one language. The official language of South Africa, English, the former colonial language, was chosen to facilitate the cultural and linguistic unity of the country. The major languages spoken in South Africa are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulfulde, Kanuri, Ibibio.


“Professional Service. At first I was overwhelmed with creating a web presence for my school but you guys made a simple thing. Oga o. The customer service was bam! South Africa is growing. Thanks Guys . .”

− Mary Ugbaja

“I never expected to find a seo service in South Africa. 4 weeks and my website was ranking. Thanks Guys. Will use your services again and again.”

− Wale Adeoti

“I love my webdesign. Everyone is commenting. They love it. It was worth the price. Thanks Guys.”

− Itunu – Blogger/Writer



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