Local SEO In South Africa

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Local businesses are coming up almost everyday. In your area, there are business owners looking for ways to increase their success, and so should you. The Internet is where your people are. The Internet is where all of your potential customers are looking for businesses like you.

Local SEO in Nigeria

The key is to be more visible online. Countless businesses are forgetting to target any of their customers online because they forget how powerful the Internet really is, and it’s all about properly marketing and getting the advertising to gain more customers online.

It has been estimated by Google countless times that 97% of all consumers search for businesses online, and that number is constantly growing since almost everybody does a quick Google search before buying anything. With the ascent of ecommerce sites like Jumia, Kaymu and Checki, South Africans are becoming aware of online shopping and learning how to search for local businesses online.

The key in the world of having a business is to know about marketing and to lead your business to a higher level of visibility within the Internet. This is why doing a lot of SEO and working on your business citations can help a lot for getting seen a bit more.

SEO is tough to do on your own, and building your list of citations is also not easy to keep up with. Our team is filled with professionals who know about SEO and citations, along with getting business owners like you the visibility that you need.

Getting More Business Citations

For those of you who don’t know, a citation is basically a time when a site mentions the name of your business online. It’s typically a listing that includes the business name, address, and the phone number. Some people call it the “NAP” listing of the “Name, Address, and Phone number.”

They all should reflect accurate information of your business, and it’s vital that you make sure to continue doing this. In reality, the reason to why you’re doing this is to increase exposure and build your brand throughout the Internet.

The biggest problem isn’t that you won’t get attention or traffic using these citations, but the fact that they may not be posted by you. This causes for plenty of problems when people try to contact you only to find that the information is incorrect.

Nothing is worse than losing a potential customer drastically because they couldn’t reach you. Doing this and making sure that your citations are all correct, alongside doing a ot of local business SEO can help build your brand online,

A citation listing gains more weight in the search engines depending on the amount of citations there are along with the accuracy. A listing can be anywhere on the Internet, but of course, there are places that get more success than others.

Some sites carry more weight in the eyes of Google. The Nifty Marketing company showed that the accuracy of the citation played a bigger and better factor to listings in rankings as opposed to how many citations there are.

In the end, your goal should be to have citations that are accurate and in the right places online before you try to get them at every place and trying to get more that won’t get any success. Google likes relevancy. They want to make sure only the right site pops up into Google when a person types in your business niche, so these citations will help you out a lot.

Citation Listing Accuracy.

Data aggregators are where it’s at.

These places only search the web to find as much information about business that they can find, and they continue to proceded to feed that information to thousands of other directories online and other business sources.

The top four aggregators online are Neustar, Factual, Infogroup, and Acxiom. Continuously verifying that your info on those sites are extremely correct can make a big difference, and it’ll help ensure that the citations across the web are accurate and will be noticed by Google.

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Getting Local Business SEO

It is vital for you to remember that getting top notch SEO is vital to do. There are website owners who are not getting the traffic that they are trying to achieve because of not doing proper SEO. This is why doing a lot of work on your SEO campaigns are so important.

However, simply doing basic article marketing will not suffice. It takes time and work in order to succeed. The locals in your area are looking for your business and services, but you need to get yourself in front of them.

If your business was an iPhone screen repair shop located in Otigba, Ikeja,  people would be typing in the words, “iPhone screen repair ikeja” into the search box. If your site does not show up there, you are seriously missing out on some great opportunities to make more money and get more customers. Without proper marketing, your site won’t rank.

This is why hiring a professional SEO company can be your best bet. There are businesses like my own who strive to help local businesses like yours achieve better marketing through SEO online.

It’s not an overnight process that takes little work, but it does require a bit of time and a lot of correct marketing. SEO is not easy to do, and plenty of proper backlinks and good strategies for marketing must be done to succeed.

If you are a person looking for a new way to grow your business, we are a company who can help you online.

Local business SEO is always changing. It doesn’t take much time to see the next algorithm happen in Google. It’s easy to lose sight of the next change, and the constant struggle involved makes it so stressful.

Search engine optimization must be done properly, and just a single glitch can penalize your website in the eyes of a Google for a very long time, so having an experienced team can go a long way.

Never neglect the power behind doing SEO and working on your citations. Your business will become more visible in no time